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Help Løvetann Kaffebar

Help us stay afloat during the Coronavirus outbreak!

Et prosjekt av Kaffebar Løvetann AS, publisert 24.03.2020. Prosjektet tilhører kategorien Koronatiltak.
Innsamlet kr 13 800
27 %
Målbeløp kr 50 000
Speedometer Fleksibelt målbeløp
Givere 43
Dager igjen

Prosjektet ble avsluttet 30.04.2020.

We've opened our doors on the 30th of March 2019. Next week would be our first birthday, but instead of celebrating, we might have to close our doors due to the economical impacts of the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Løvetann is a small, privately-owned bistro that wishes to bring the Nordnes neighbourhood together by providing a social and cultural space for people to meet at. We recently renovated the interiors to make them more spacious and inviting, and we couldn't have done this without you. Just as things began to calm down, the crisis hit and we are forced to once again ask for your help.

We'd like to offer you an array of gift cards to choose from, which you can purchase to support us through the crisis. You can use them on food and drink in the bistro, and we'd be delighted by any amount you're willing to support us with - remember, every crown counts!

We hope to be able to celebrate our birthday with everyone at Nordnes once the pandemic subsides - please let us make this dream come true. Hope to see you soon! :)

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Joanna Natalia Cichowska


Gavekort 200kr

A gift card for 200kr.

7 personer har bidratt Begrenset antall: 23 igjen kr 200
Estimert leveranse 30.04.2020

Gavekort 400kr

A gift card for 400kr.

5 personer har bidratt Begrenset antall: 25 igjen kr 400
Estimert leveranse 30.04.2020

Gavekort 600kr

A gift card for 600kr.

3 personer har bidratt Begrenset antall: 27 igjen kr 600
Estimert leveranse 30.04.2020

Gavekort 1000kr

A gift card for 1000kr - thank you! :)

1 person har bidratt Begrenset antall: 19 igjen kr 1 000
Estimert leveranse 30.04.2020