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Monograf is releasing their debut on vinyl and streaming services. Preorder here, or buy a special prize for yourself.

Et prosjekt av Erik Normann Sannes Aanonsen, publisert 25.06.2018. Prosjektet tilhører kategorien Skaperglede.
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Prosjektet ble avsluttet 05.08.2018.

For the past four years we've worked on our debut album Nadir. We've recorded almost everything ourselves, together with James Makepeace, and we've had a great team of guest musicians contribute. We're very proud of the result, and are looking forward to sharing it with the world.
We’re launching this page so that those that want to can support our new album by pre-ordering, either digitally or on vinyl. It looks to be gatefold double-LP. We are working with Rune Hansen for the design, and it will be beautiful.
We also have other backing options and rewards!

We will make sure that pledgers will be the first to receive the album when it is released (digital files and vinyl will be shipped on the same day). These things are hard to predict, but we will probably release the album by the end of this year, or early 2019.
All money will go towards funding the release.

Additional musicians that have contributed on our album:
Tåran Reindal (of Leonov): Vocals
Ingvill Trydal: Hammond organ
Håkon Oftung (of Jordsjø/Tusmørke): Mellotron and Chamberlin
Ole Jørgen Reindal (of Leonov): Electric guitar and backing vocals
Jon-Vetle Lunden (of Leonov): Drums
Tore Hynnekleiv: Backing vocals

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Monograf is a post-rock band from Norway. Striving to combine post-rock and Norwegian folk music together with raw emotions.


Erik Normann Sannes Aanonsen: Guitar, vocals, nyckelharpa
Sunniva Molvær Ihlhaug: Fiddle, vocals
Thomas Anda: Electric guitar
Hanna Sannes Aanonsen: Bass guitar, backing vocals
Erlend Markussen Kilane: Drums, backing vocals

We are very grateful for every single contribution.

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Erik Normann Sannes Aanonsen



Album download in MP3, FLAC and WAV

You will receive a code for download as soon as the album is released.

10 personer har bidratt kr 100
Estimert leveranse 31.12.2018

Vinyl (to be picked up in Oslo)

You will receive one vinyl, but you you will have to pick it up in Oslo. Also includes a code for MP3/FLAC/WAV-download.

30 personer har bidratt Begrenset antall: 170 igjen kr 250
Estimert leveranse 31.12.2018

Vinyl + shipping

Vinyls will ship as soon as the album is released. Also includes a code for MP3/FLAC/WAV-download. If you are an international backer you have to add that.

4 personer har bidratt Begrenset antall: 196 igjen kr 365
Estimert leveranse 05.08.2018

I *NEED* a CD!

We won't be printing CD's of this release (at least not for a couple of years), but you don't use vinyl and you crave the CD format. Here's what we'll do: We will burn a copy just for you on a CD-R, and we'll make you a cover by hand. It will include a hand painted logo, artwork from old LP releases and some sowing. It won't be the Mona Lisa, but it'll be unique. Hand made for you. (If we ever print an official CD release of the album, you'll get one for free, too.) Delivery date will be a bit later than the official release. Include shipping if you can't pick it up in Oslo.

1 person har bidratt Begrenset antall: 49 igjen kr 500
Estimert leveranse 05.08.2018

Vinyl + Your name in the album

You receive a vinyl + we'll thank you by name in the credits in the album.

2 personer har bidratt kr 1 000
Estimert leveranse 05.08.2018

A recorded cover song of your choice

You pick a song. We do a cover version of it, record it, and mail it to you. Preferably something malleable that will fit our sound. PS: Some discretion is advised. If you choose a song by Paganini or Steve Vai you'll have a bad time.

Bli den første som velger denne belønningen kr 5 000
Estimert leveranse 31.12.2018

Personal, acoustic concert

We will perform an acoustic concert just for you and your friends in Oslo.

1 person har bidratt kr 5 000
Estimert leveranse 30.11.2018

You are insane/a saint.

You receive the vinyl, download, credits in the album (if you want) and our eternal, undying gratitude. You are our patron saint.

Bli den første som velger denne belønningen kr 10 000
Estimert leveranse 31.12.2018